April is here and showers aren’t the only things that have come with it.  As the weather begins to turn from the drab and dreary doldrums of winter, many of us will kick off the new season with a cleansing tradition known as “spring cleaning.”  If you’re a student, your dorm probably isn’t the only thing that could use some cleanup, though.

At this point in your academic year, you’ve most likely visited hundreds of web pages, accumulated a ton of files for your assignments, and downloaded more illegal music and videos than you’d like to admit.  If you’ve been noticing your computer is as sluggish as you’ve been this winter, or its frequent crashes and freezes have you convinced that it’s possessed, it probably needs a little TLC. Here’s a very easy way to bring it back to life so you don’t have to agonize when it dies at 2am on the day your 20-page term paper is due.

Download CCleaner!

If there were a program that embodied the spirit of “spring cleaning,” this would definitely be it.  It’ll remove spyware, adware, broken registries and can even remove your temporary internet files, browser history, and cookies – all things that will bog your computer down.  It scans your computer’s memory dumps, file fragments, logs, system caches and application data.  But that’s enough gobbledygook.  It’s simple and easy to use. If your computer was a house, this little baby would clean all the nooks and crannies you didn’t even realize were dirty – all without the back pain!