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1We would all love to obtain our bachelor’s degree soon – but let’s achieve that without having a stressful year! Take a look at the following tips and try to combine them for a wonderful year.

Organize your schedule.

As a college student, you have a lot of activities to juggle on a daily basis. Usually, anxiety rises quickly as deadlines or fee payments approach. To prevent you from being overwhelmed, create a calendar or purchase an agenda. If funds are running low, use an old notebook to create a calendar or agenda that can be easily thrown into your backpack. Insert any information you have about your class schedule and upcoming assignments, work schedule, or recurring bills. Also, instead of procrastinating, take a look at your new agenda or calendar and get the work done as soon as possible. There will be great results from you taking the time to complete it early!

Eat healthy, be healthy.

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Doesn’t that cupcake look delicious? I am sure there are times where you have a sweet tooth and want to binge on junk food. It may be easier to obtain “junk” while living in a dorm, but junk food is not brain food! Feed your body with nutrients that will sustain a long day of sitting in a lecture hall. A sugary meal like a honey bun and a milkshake will initially give your body a rush of energy, but you’ll eventually crash mid-day. It will be better to feel energized long-term from a great banana smoothie. Try to make the best food choices available to you that will be cost-friendly! Also, look into recipes for college students on YouTube (yes, these exist)!

Get plenty of rest!

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When you are organized and eating healthier, you should not have to rely on caffeine to keep you awake. By completing your tasks and homework assignments earlier, you can come home and enjoy your evenings. Try to avoid 4 AM study sessions, unless you absolutely have no choice.  Do not pull an “all-nighter” anymore! Usually, you are putting more strain on the body to function without sleep. When you are well-rested, you will be able to think more clearly for any exam. Your body uses your sleeping period as a mechanism to repair and re-energize itself. So, please, do not deprive your body of its natural functions!

Re-direct your ill-feelings.

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We all endure tribulations while continuing our studies, and it can be hard to focus on positive feelings when a lot occurs on a daily basis. It is easy to fall into a “funk,” but try your best to re-direct these feelings elsewhere. Instead of burying yourself under the covers, go outside and enjoy the fresh air by taking a walk. You can also create a simple, fun workout regime or attend a Zumba class with several friends. Recently, many adults have found coloring to release stress, so feel free to dabble into that as well. Make happy thoughts by doing the things that makes you happy no matter what they are (as long as they do not have long-term health effects, of course).

Create a budget.

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Reduce your financial stress by creating a budget! Begin by writing down every bill you need to pay monthly or bi-weekly. Then, you’ll be able to factor in how much money you can spend on miscellaneous items without crying at the end of the month at your bank account. Try not to make any random purchases – stick to your budget! Only swipe your debit card for important purchases and keep an emergency stash of cash in a safe place.

Re-examine your personal relationships.

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The most important tip of all is to re-examine your personal relationships, meaning relations with friends, family members, or associates. To maintain a stress-free environment, it is best to be surrounded by individuals who share similar goals and morals. These individuals should also possess qualities that allow them to be understanding, patient, and trustworthy. Those who consistently frown upon your ambitious goals are most likely NOT the people you should be around. Be wary of the individuals who will distract you from your studies or promote procrastination. Find people who share the same hobbies or can show you new, positive things to enjoy!

AbigailCottonAbigail Cotton is The Society of Torch & Laurel’s liaison for the NSCS National Leadership Council. She’s a student at the University of West Georgia. The NLC can be found on Twitter at @NSCS_NLC and on Facebook