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The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

What is The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)? – NSCS is an honors organization, which seeks to recognize and elevate high achievers.

Do I Qualify for Self-Nomination?
Didn’t receive an invite to join NSCS? That doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for membership! The criteria for Self-Nomination are the same for you as any other member. So, if you are a college student in the top 10 percent of your class, and possess a GPA of 3.4 or above, then you are eligible for Self-Nomination!

Who are some of NSCS’ Self-Nominees?

Sarah Ogar, self-nominated for NSCS membership while a sophomore at the University of Michigan. After visiting the website she saw a membership with NSCS as a way of continuing her “involvement with groups associated with academic excellence” and immediately self nominated. Asya Cook, a sophomore at The University of Vermont, was introduced to a member of the NSCS team while visiting her aunt’s company, which shares a building with NSCS. Prior to visiting the office, Asya learned more about NSCS through interactions with the building security guard, Sharon. “The security guard, Sharon, mentioned me to an NSCS staff member. Sharon told me that the NSCS staff member was fascinated about what I was able to accomplish at UVM and wanted to meet me. By chance I happened to be in town for my spring break. I was so nervous and a bit apprehensive about going in the office; I did not know what to expect.” After visiting the NSCS office, she learned how simple the self-nomination process is and was walked through the steps. Asya shared, “I was really intrigued, and they invited me to join—networking at its finest!”

What are the reasons to Self-Nominate?
Members are presented with immediate career connections through NSCS Careers, as well as leadership and service opportunities that can be taken advantage of on campus and online. NSCS’ core values demonstrate a commitment to scholarship, leadership and service. Sarah saw a great opportunity to continue her involvement in groups seeking to highlight academic excellence. Asya joined NSCS because “When I first visited NSCS, I felt that the organization was really helpful to all their members. They offer so many resources and benefits to the members. It was something that I could not pass up. The environment was very friendly. All the people that I have met were very welcoming. Then I knew I had to be a part of this organization!”

What are the benefits of NSCS?
NSCS members seek to impact their campus and local communities every day. What sets NSCS apart from other honors organizations? NSCS offers nearly half a million dollars in scholarships to members annually! According to Sara, one of the major benefits of joining is “all of the scholarship opportunities!” She further includes, “College is costly, so when you can put your mental assets to good use and get some extra cash for school, that’s a big help.” NSCS provides a plethora of both professional and personal growth opportunities. When Asya became a member she gained excellent networking skills. Through NSCS she has become more open with meeting new people. She states, “Joining NSCS has been the best opportunity that I have been able to take part in.”

What do members hope to gain?

Every member’s experience with NSCS is different. Asya’s goal is to develop her leadership skills. She explains that, “At NSCS there are many leadership opportunities that I would love to be a part of. Staying involved and being an active leader is important.” In the future Sara hopes to “network with other like-minded peers and professionals, and take advantage of future scholarship opportunities.”

A membership with NSCS is what you make it!

Interested in self-nominating?
Click here to complete the Self-Nomination form, and don’t forget to submit your transcripts to, as well!


Bianca Williams is a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and works as an NSCS Social Media Intern and Ambassador. She is also a University of Arizona graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language. She seeks to combine her life and work experiences in pursuit of a career in Teaching and Social Media/Freelance writing. All of her musical tastes and influences come from her life experiences, world travels and the amazing people who have shared their lives with her along the way. Follow her on Twitter @biancadene.