Meet Kristen Hicks, your NSCS scholar of the week!

Tell us about your favorite NSCS experience!

As former VP of Community service, my favorite NSCS experience was serving the local community at a food bank around the Thanksgiving holiday. Standing alongside my NSCS family, watching us all smile while working hard in many capacities serving the community, I saw that we were truly making a difference. I felt honored to be a part of an organization who not only speaks service, but actually lives it.

And now tell us about YOU!

I love to sing! Before there was “Glee,” my high school show choir “ShowTime” would travel the U.S. winning State and National Competitions while performing in between for children at children’s burn centers and senior citizens at senior living centers. To me singing then (and now) was never about the song, but about bringing everyone no matter the age, race, or life situation, a moment of joy together, it’s all about community. Seeing the smiles that we were able to bring to so many people is something that drives me today in my MBA program to consistently host karaoke dinners. This time I am bringing people from all different walks of life and international cultures together; building communities, mental health, and life-long networks through song!