Name: Kevin Loder

School: University of Oregon

Major: Public Relations

Favorite NSCS Experience:Shaking hands with 55 new members at Induction, as Chapter President is my favorite experience. It was a challenge not to tear up as I saw the work of my chapter to host the event benefit this many students at once. I was inspired by their individual achievements as well as by the success of this new community. A moment like this is one of the many reasons I enjoy being a chapter officer.

Reason why nominated: Chapter president

Fun fact: I originally planned to fly to Brazil after ScholarCon for an internship abroad. However, I couldn’t go yet due to extra wait time to receive my visa. Instead of returning home I visited Washington D.C. for the first time. Not only was my flight with some of the NSCS staff, including my M.E. Kiara, but my seat was in the middle of two of them! Later that week I visited NYC and heard Steve Loflin was there. I tweeted him and we met for lunch. If you’re ever in D.C. be sure to visit NSCS HQ.