Congratulations to Fabian, our Scholar of the Week from The University of Texas at San Antonio! As we’re planning for our Summer Success (S2) Challenge, we’re proud to feature Fabian as a scholarship winner.

Name: Fabian Beltran

School: University of Texas at San Antonio

Major: Music Composition

Favorite NSCS Experience:Being able to participate in the NSCS summer challenge has always been an exciting experience. Doing different activities and projects and sharing them with my NSCS chapter and other NSCS members around the country always kept me motivated, busy, and engaged in my goals, especially during the summer.

Reason why nominated: $1000 S2 Challenge

Fun fact: Classical music is at the core of my being and there is no other activity or subject in the world that brings the same passion, happiness, and peace into my life. I feel very lucky to be able to study and spend my days learning about what I love.

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