Dennis Chua, a Chemical Engineering major at Cornell University shares his NSCS story with us.

“My favorite NSCS experiences are definitely the social gatherings, especially the bubble tea gatherings. We do a lot of meaningful work as a chapter, but we never forget to come together as friends and as a family to reflect on what we do, and really solidify the good work and great memories that we created together. College can get pretty overwhelming for many, but NSCS serves as a platform to not only give back to the student community, but also to find a place where you belong and can grow with other like-minded peers. Remembering NSCS through the bubble tea gatherings always puts a smile on my face, and brings back a warm family feeling, no matter where I am.”

As depicted in his photo, Dennis has always been an animal-lover.

“I had my dream come true of spending a winter taking care of endangered lions in South Africa. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I appreciate animals and the beauty of nature so much more now. I’m happy to share my memories with anyone interested, especially if you might be considering a similar experience – you won’t regret!”

Thanks for the great advice, Dennis!