An Industrial and Labor Relations major at Cornell University, Angela Lu shares with us how an NSCS experience has impacted her life.

“I know the favorite experience I didn’t have – I never managed to go on any of the corn maze trips and I was sorely disappointed! I did, however, really enjoy a fundraising bake sale we had once during study week right before the final exams. We had taken out a table by the entrance of one of the most popular libraries on campus. While most people were visibly stressed and just wanted to hurry to their books, many students stopped to look over our baked goods and dug into their pockets for a hit of sugar. Even if it wasn’t the healthiest option to offer, it was a pretty popular one for the comfort it offered during a really stressful time”.

A fun fact about Angela, when she was 21, she counted up all the countries she had visited, and it happened to be 21 countries exactly! What a cool coincidence.