Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Sarah Carlos! Sarah is an online student at Arizona State University where she majors in criminology/criminal justice.

As a member of NSCS, Sarah’s favorite experience has been pledging herself to the NSCS community. “My favorite NSCS experience was the Induction Ceremony in Fall 2017! It was an honor listening to our speaker, who is a humorous, honorable judge. I sipped on my favorite Peace Tea while taking in the words of wisdom the judge had to offer, and sat next to upstanding fellow scholars,” said Sarah.

“It was a humbled feeling having my family witness me pledge while raising my right hand, capturing a lifelong memory of mine of being inducted into this prestigious society. It was worth traveling the 381 miles to experience this blissful and motivating time in my life!”

Honoring the NSCS pillar of scholarship, Sarah dedicates her time to many different forms of education while being a mother to two kids and a wife.

“Last summer, I studied abroad with the ASU Counter-Terrorism Training Program in Israel. It was the best, most adrenalin filled 15 days of my life and it made me want to pursue a career in counter-terrorism even more. I’ve always been passionate about protecting our country after my brother deployed immediately after 9/11, and I finally found my way of contributing. I’m now reaching the end of completing my bachelor’s in criminology/criminal justice, a certificate in homeland security and an associates in radiation protection technology,” said Sarah. “After graduation, I plan to pursue a career as a Federal Border Patrol Agent.”

Sarah also prides herself on being able to set an example for her children through the many accomplishments that they are witnessing her complete.

For upholding the pillar of scholarship, Sarah is our Scholar of the Week!

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