Wahoo for S2! We had an AWESOME first week & loved seeing all the books that made a difference to you. This week, we’re hitting the road….Hertz & NSCS want to hear about your favorite road trip!

Summertime at NSCS Means the Summer Success Challenge is ON! Every week- all summer long- you have the chance to win great prizes! And for participating in each week’s easy, breezy challenge all summer long, there’s a chance to receive a scholarship! So let’s get this started, it’s time for the S2 Challenge!


  1. Every Monday, check our NSCS Facebook page for a new challenge question.
  2. Make sure you include your name & school with each response
  3. Get your whole chapter involved! There’s awesome prizes & even more exciting, a scholarship on the line!
  4. Have fun! The challenges are always a quick question that take a few minutes to respond to!
  5. Happy Summer!

Hertz infograph