It seems that more and more people are studying abroad while in college. What used to be a relatively obscure idea is now somewhat mainstream. Studying abroad is an incredible experience that is fun but also has many educational and professional benefits.

1. Studying abroad teaches cultural sensitivity and competence

In today’s interconnected world, being able to interact across cultural barriers is essential. Studying abroad allows you to immerse yourself in another culture and teaches you to appreciate other cultures. You are able to observe and truly experience what life is like in a foreign country. This is an invaluable experience. 

2. It looks good on a resumé

Employers and graduate schools often like to see study abroad experience on a resumé. Study abroad experience indicates that the individual can function outside of their comfort zone and likely possesses the ability to interact across cultures.

3. You learn a lot

The knowledge you will acquire while on a study abroad experience is amazing. Taking classes in a foreign setting with teachers from your host country is an incredible way to increase your knowledge in a subject and gain new perspectives on issues. Almost every conversation is a learning experience when you are studying abroad. You will learn a ton about your host country and the way the world works. Study abroad will really shape your view of the world. 

4. You meet amazing people, often from all over the world

The opportunity to meet people from all over the world is one of the best aspects of studying abroad. Be sure to make friends with people from your host country and people from other countries, as well. You will often make many great American friends while studying abroad, but it’s important to also interact with the locals.

5. It’s fun!

Studying abroad is an amazing time. You get to live and study in a foreign country. Travel around your host country and surrounding areas, see the sights, do cool things, and have a blast! Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity. Take advantage of it!

There are many great reasons to study abroad during college. In many cases, you can study abroad for around the same price that it costs you to go to your home school. If you are looking to make your college experience more memorable and supplement your education with something incredibly valuable, look no further than a study abroad session.

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