Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Rachelle Talbot! Rachelle is a junior at Colorado State University, where she is a Human Development and Family Studies major.

Rachelle’s favorite NSCS experience is the sense of community in the organization. “I love being involved on campus, and I love how NSCS provides me the opportunity to seek other students with similar academic goals,” she says. “I enjoy being able to give back to my community while working with students that want to excel with our achievements.”

Rachelle has been Vice President for her sorority, and now she holds the New Member Educator position. “This means that I am very involved with all the students on campus and deal with all the recruiting, planning, executing, organization, and process for our new members,” she says. “I am also very committed to my schoolwork, and being so involved through NSCS and my sorority has provided me with such a positive on-campus environment.”

For her dedication to her community, Rachelle is our Scholar of the Week! Congratulations!


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