We’re not sure where in the world ScholarCon scholars are coming from (or if they’re taking a plane, train or automobile), but the universal truth here is packing is TOUGH. Allow us to make it easier 🙂 :

1. Big conference, comfy shoes. Yes, this is a no-brainer. No, heels/those dress shoes that killed at your cousin’s wedding will not magically become comfortable.

2. Business Casual De-bunked! Comfortable, appropriate, multi-functional. You’re meeting speakers, peers, potential employers-dress the part. Our simple rule: if it wears to bed or beach-save it for the pool. Do a light test to double-check see through. Consult Pinterest or the internets for some inspiration.

4. Travel Essentials: Shampoo? Dryer? Contact Solution? Glasses? Toothbrush? Give the drugstore travel section a walk-through

5.  Charge! For your phone & laptop. Don’t forget to add your initials!

5. Email yourself your resume…you never know who you’ll meet.

6. Small Notebook & Pen: Maybe your phone is charging and you have the chance to jot down a note, someone’s name.

7. Florida = Warm: Sunscreen, hat, sunnies….anything you need to stay cool & safe in the sun.

And some ‘Don’t Forgets!’:

-double-check your travel plans & itinerary!
-Follow @ScholarCon AND download the ScholarCon app to stay on top of all the action
-Get ready for the best 3 days of summer!!!