Why should you travel to India before you even apply to medical school? Because the Ultimate Med Internship can give you extraordinary access to medical colleges and their associated hospitals.

*Reader discretion advised. UMI is the real deal, and below are real images of medical procedures.

UMI takes you outside of the US so that you can get a unique view of medicine in the real world and a true understanding of what awaits you if you become a doctor, nurse, medical researcher, or other healthcare professional.

Here’s what you can expect…

When you realize UMI is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This is the stuff you are going to be doing everyday as a doctor, why don’t you see if you can brave it now?

Get ready for this unmatched adventure, an exclusive opportunity for NSCS members. The hands-on experience you will receive through UMI is unavailable elsewhere at your age.

Safe travels!

You’re off experiencing this program and immersing yourself abroad.

Not your average science lab…

The real deal equipped with cadavers and gross anatomy is at your fingertips and under your scalpel.

Put on those scrubs!

Experiencing surgeries, examining patients, and shadowing doctors is the norm at UMI.

Autopsies, oh my!

A former UMI scholar explains that she was speechless after sitting in on an autopsy and finding out that a 22-year-old girl had died due to cancer, previously undiscovered.

Real physicians and real medical procedures.

Seriously, how many aspiring medical students get to experience this BEFORE attending medical school?

Does UMI seem like the program for you? Interested in applying? Go to UMI’s website and enroll to get started! Applications are due November 1st!