Scholars, nothing (truly, nothing!) makes our hearts swell more than seeing you all in action. If you ever find yourself in Washington, DC, stop by and hear us GUSH all day long about the unbelievable work you do on campus & in your communities. Here’s a slight sample of what your TalkNerdy2Me Team is hearing as we type:

Have you seen their induction!? I’m emailing everyone photos now!!!!

Look at that service project…we have to talk about that in our next meeting for ALL members!

Wait, that table looks INCREDIBLE! And those guys were so awesome at ScholarCon! Remember when…

So this post is a simple ode to you. We here at the NSCS HQ feel honored to work with you, scholars. Keep on changing the world.


Oh & bonus is you’re Induction Ceremony was a hit…our National Leadership Council (NLC) has something for you!