Hello, Everyone!

This is Joyce Broderson, President of the Argosy Online Chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the NSCS 2011 Convention, entitled “Your Passport to Possibilities!”

First of all, there were several Chapter Officers on board the Air Tran I came in on, so there were opportunities to meet several invitees before we even touched down in Puerto Rico.  We were met by NSCS staff; they made sure that we got to the hotel in plenty of time to relax a bit, then dress for the VIP Reception that Wednesday evening, June 15th.  The reception gave us the opportunity to formally meet each other, as well as the staff of NSCS.  It was great!  We were finally able to meet in person the people we had been talking with for almost a year!

Early the next morning, after an excellent breakfast, we participated in the Leadership Summit, where we were able to catch up on what had been happening in the other chapters, as well as gain valuable information on what we can do to increase our membership; strengthen our bonds as board members, and make the best use of our association with the Regional and National staff.  We then participated in classes that showed us how to make sure that the induction of new members goes smoothly, and provide leadership through service to our new members.  We also learned how to fundraise, increase our Chapter’s knowledge of the Society, and how best to be successful as a team.  Much useful information was shared and distributed.  The Summit was a success!

In the evening we were happy to join in the reception honoring the rest of the membership, and giving us a chance to meet in person those from our own and other chapters. The next morning, we met again over breakfast, and everyone learned about the prizes and opportunities available throughout the conference, and the group was also introduced to the RAVE! Team, a group of trainers and meeting moderators who kept us energized and mindful through the rest of the conference; as well as providing entries into contests; and valuable feedback to make sure we were getting the information we needed and access to the people we needed in our networks.

The RAVE! Team provided excellent information on Facebook; Networking, Resume writing, interviewing techniques, job hunting advice and strategies for increasing our ability to get our points across through communication. The pace was electric as we discovered the Five Secrets to creating winning teams, and how to handle stress and capture the attention of those we need to connect with. We also had sessions lead by NSCS staff members geared towards increasing our abilities, and several presenters, including Emmy Award winning journalist and author Byron Pitts, Communication Expert Josh Shipp, Ryan Kahn from MTV’s Hired, and other noteworthy people, including the incredible NSCS staff.  Everyone was on hand to make sure we as members received useful information, support and feedback that we could bring back and share with our Chapter Boards and membership.

I had a wonderful time, highlighted by the experience of accepting the Gold Star Award for Outstanding Achievement, an award rarely given out to inaugural chapters like ours.  The gala, the presentations, the networking and the assistance we received cannot be measured by mere numbers.  Even the volunteer work of picking up trash along El Morro Trail was scenic and enriching.  Thanks to everyone for providing such an outstanding convention.  I feel empowered to help make next year an even better one for our chapter and membership.  You are all the best at what you do, and I am truly happy to be a part of such an important and valued society.

Joyce Broderson is the President of Argosy University Online’s NSCS chapter.  She is a Doctoral student in the Business Administration program with the desire to complete her degree and obtain a position leading to a Professorship at a college or university in Minnesota.  She lives in Maplewood, Minnesota and obtained both her BA in Human Service Administration and her Master’s in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University, in Minneapolis. She is an avid bibliophile (book lover) who also loves art, history and helping other people reach their goals – including helping Argosy Online’s Inaugural Chapter to win a Gold Star Award!