When we partnered up with LendKey, we knew we’d be helping NSCS members save money on their student loans, but we didn’t know they’d be saving so much!

We caught up with Alum Member Jacob Gardner (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014) to learn about his awesome experience (and amazing savings) refinancing his student loans with our student loan partner, LendKey.

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NSCS/LendKey: How did you first learn about NSCS and LendKey’s partnership?
Jacob: I received an email from NSCS about their partnership with LendKey and the potential reward for signing up with them. I figured if I could consolidate my loans and get a bonus for the effort, it would be foolish of me not to take advantage of the opportunity.

What was the most informative part of the process on LendKey?
The most informative part of this process was seeing the breakdown of the rates I could get from each institution. I had looked into consolidation from several companies, but LendKey’s process was quick, presented in a helpful format for easy comparison, and had some of the best rates I had seen to date.

Were you excited by the rate options you saw?
Absolutely! My ultimate decision to consolidate with LendKey was not because of the bonus to be received as a NSCS member, but because of the rates I found there.

Did you speak to a LendKey customer care representative throughout the process? Were they friendly and helpful?
At one point of the process, I did speak to a representative on the phone. They were courteous and knowledgeable and helped me QUICKLY.

It looks like you chose a 5-year term on your refinance loan; are we correct in assuming you chose that in order to get your loan paid off as quickly as possible while eliminating the most possible interest?
Yes, having the goal of eliminating all of my student debt in the next 5 years, I have been aggressive in my pursuit, and getting a low interest, fixed-rate loan was exactly what I was looking for to consolidate. I was already paying extra into my loans, so why not do it at a lower interest rate? LendKey helped me do that — and NSCS spurred me into looking at them in the first place. If it wasn’t for that email from NSCS, I would not be enjoying these benefits right now.

Anything else to share?
I appreciate that NSCS can show their support of their members in such a substantial way. I would also like to mention that the consolidation process through LendKey is very easy and straightforward. Their website is extremely user friendly, and I rarely had any questions as to what I should do next. The entire process was enjoyable for me, and as such I thank both LendKey and NSCS.

Thanks, Jacob, we’re glad you had such a great experience!


Jacob Gardner, class of 2014, joined NSCS at Rochester Institute of Technology in the summer of 2010.