Drop that whoopee cushion NOW!


We are recognizing our advisors during the week of November 4th– 8th for Advisor Appreciation Week.  Only a real fool wouldn’t stop and take a moment to thank their chapter advisor. Without all of our wonderful advisors, NSCS would not be able to exist as the amazing, nationwide student organization that you are a part of!

Can you imagine?… No NSCS friends, no NSCS Scholarships, no NSCS swag, no NSCS community service events, no NSCS free food at meetings, no NSCS Leadership Summit. Let’s face it. It’s a darker, less scholarly world. Nothing to laugh about there. Fortunately, that’s a world you don’t have to live in with much thanks to your advisor! So, take a moment to let your advisor know that you appreciate all they have done for you and your NSCS chapter.

I can tell you since I work with them too, your advisors have your back! You may see them everyday, or only a few times a year, either way, they have your best interests in mind and are dedicating time and energy to helping you maintain and improve NSCS!

So, how can you thank them?

 5 Simple Ways to Say “Thank You”


1) Make a “Thank You” poster: Take it to your general body meeting this week and have every one sign it. Just check that poster for any funny names… You know the ones I mean.


2) Take your advisor out for coffee: Or bring them coffee or tea (iced if you’re lucky enough that it’s warm out!) and ask them when is a good time to stop by if they’re busy! Be prepared to promise you didn’t put anything in it when they ask you teasingly.

joke mug

3)  Embrace the Day: Give them a joke book! Or a mug with a funny saying! Or a silly magnet! I’m sure they would appreciate something that makes them smile. Include a card expressing your gratitude.

homemade snacks

4) Homemade goodies: Nothing says “Thank You” like homemade cookies/cupcakes/sweets. Delivered in person with a genuine “thanks” will assure them they’re safe to eat.

5) Make a video: Finding it difficult to find a time that you and your officers can go meet with your advisor? Why not make a quick, easy video at the next meeting with everyone saying thank you and send it to them?! No risk of prank here… Just don’t include that scream that scares you at the end!


deri Derilyn Devlin is a Senior Member Engagement Coordinator and road warrior for NSCS. She works with chapters in the Midwest. You can also follow her and her pet gecko on the NSCS Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nscs