It’s that time of year again, when you make those promises that you don’t really intend to keep past February. Some of you may even make it to March but be honest, January is really the only month that will benefit from your New Year’s Resolutions.

So what genius came up with the brilliant idea of making these promises to yourself that you most likely won’t keep? After doing some research, I’ve discovered that the New Year’s Resolution goes as far back as the ancient Babylonians and has developed over time. One thing that hasn’t changed is the bottom line. It’s all about self-improvement; how you make the coming year better and brighter. There are so many popular New Year’s Resolutions, but the number one NYR that people around the world choose is to lose weight or somehow improve their physical well-being. On the other side of the spectrum, one of the least popular NYR’s is to read more (which you would think would at least be popular among students… at least the students of NSCS).

There are also those fun and unique resolutions in the middle that I just had to share with everyone:

I will think of passwords that aren’t “password” or “12345”

I will drive closer to the speed limit on the highway

I will drink more, eat more, and work less.

So what’s your NYR? Will you make it past January? How can you improve yourself for the 2014 year?

Crystal photo resizedCrystal is in her junior year currently studying Music Business and Performance at HCC. She does have a degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma. She has had the privilege of being a member of NSCS for a year and a half. You may have seen her in several productions at the central campus including last fall’s production of Avenue Q.