Member Recruitment Media Kit


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  1. Below, you will find a bank of text and images for your chapter’s use for member recruitment.
  2. Click on the image to make it bigger and save it.
  3. Don’t see something you need? Remember, there are many more resources for member recruitment on the Portal at

Member Recruitment Details

Who: Invited college and university freshmen and sophomores, with a GPA of 3.4+, that attend one of NSCS active chapters.
What: The member recruitment process invites prospective members to join the Society.
When: Spring 2017
Where: The National Office extends the invitation to prospective members on your campus. Chapters plan events on their respective college campuses, in their communities and online.
Why: The National Society of Collegiate Scholars exists to recognize and elevate high achievers. The invited students are eager, excited, and curious. As their on campus representatives, you’ll be their first touch-point.

Tweets/Instagram Posts

Congratulations to all of the high achieving freshman and sophomores who have received an invitation to @nscs. ????????????

Did you receive an invitation to join @nscs? If so, good job! You’ve worked hard and we are so excited to welcome you into our chapter!

You’ve got questions. We have answers. Comment with the questions you have about our @nscs chapter. General FAQ ➡️️

Didn’t get an invite to join our @nscs chapter? If you have 3.4+ GPA and less than 60 credits, apply here:

Membership in @nscs is the first key to unlocking the full potential of your college experience! ????????????

Wondering “why me”? You were invited to join @nscs because you are a high-achiever & you deserve recognition.

Your @nscs chapter on campus is hosting a ___________________. Come meet the members! (invite prospective members to open events or a general body meeting)

⏰⏰⏰Deadline to join is Wednesday!⏰⏰⏰ Feel free to ask us any questions about @nscs before your deadline. (only post within a week of your chapter’s deadline)


Congratulations to all of the high achieving freshman and sophomores who have received an invitation to join the [@SCHOOL NAME (tag your school)] chapter of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. You worked hard to be in at the top of your game. NSCS recognizes and elevates high achievers. Our chapter is the perfect place to grow both academically and socially.

Are you looking for a new organization to join on campus that celebrates your academic achievement and provides the opportunity to meet and fellowship with other scholars? If you have a 3.4 or higher GPA and less than 60 credits, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars is the honor society for you! Here is the link to apply: We look forward to having you!