Running a successful student organization is complex. The key is combining the right leaders and providing them with the tools to do great things. A binder and highlighters are useful, but just won’t cut it for management tools, anymore. There are many FREE online tools that can help organizations to increase productivity, maximize your time and publicize for your programs.

Scheduling Meetings, Volunteers or Events

The classic signup sheet is effective for in-person meetings… but what if you all can’t come together? Wesbites like Doodle or Meeting Wizard allow you offer various schedules, volunteers can share availability and you can manage all of your members. Once your event is scheduled use Zoji or E-vite to send out free, professional (and fun!) online invitations and track your RSVP’s. (Bonus Tip: Use your RSVP count to order supplies and make adjustments to your plans).

Surveys, Questions and Elections

Whether you have an upcoming election or looking for feedback, there is no need to print! Ballot Bin is great for elections or voting. Websites such as Survey Monkey or offer free and easy collection for questionaires. Create an account that you can store this information to be used again.

Social Media and Public Relations

Nothing will ever replace the power of word-of-mouth promotions, flyers and print advertisement. However, organizations on a budget can use various forms of social media to advertise, recruit and communicate. Create a Fan Page on Facebook and invite all of your members to connect. Pose interesting questions and useful information, along with your promotions.

Use Twitter to connect with others and organizations on and outside of your campus – for an even wider reach, aim to get retweeted by your campus, or @NSCS. Create a blog using WordPress or Blogger to share information or provide a space for your members to share their stories and comments. Also check out Richard Failla’s Post on twitter to get started!

Other Useful Tools

  • GoogleDocs – Store all your organization files and collaborate on documents.
  • Prezi – Forget PowerPoint! Provide fun, interesting and interactive presentations.
  • CoMindWork – Collaborate on projects and share your progress.
  • Flikr – Save pictures of all your chapter events, make it open for all to share.
  • OOVOO Video Chat – Can’t meet in person? Grab a webcam and have a virtual meeting.

What other online tools does your campus use successfully? Send me your stories, comments or questions to to be featured on TalkNerdy2Me.