Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Marjola Deda! Marjola is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, where she is a Biology major.

Marjola’s favorite NSCS experience was planning and conducting the Relay For Life. “I was fully involved in the committee by attending all of the meetings, engaging in ideas for fundraising, and organizing the the tables and getting everything ready and decorated for the big event. We incorporated many games, which everyone enjoyed and made sure that our voice was heard and the purpose was fulfilled,” she says. “Relay for Life will always be my favorite event because I was blessed to have the opportunity to help others in need and make a difference.”

Marjola was born in Albania and was raised there until the age of 10. “I am a huge soccer fan, and my favorite activity is listening to music while enjoying a walk at the beach,” she says. “Additionally, I was in the top four of the best students in high school and I work hard for everything I set my mind to.”

For her efforts to help others, Marjola is our Scholar of the Week! Congratulations!


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