Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Maria Quiroz! Maria is a senior at Collin College where she is studying Nursing. She is also chapter president of the Collin College chapter of NSCS.

Maria’s favorite NSCS experience was organizing Collin College’s New Member Induction Ceremony. “As the Collin College NSCS chapter president, my role was to oversee everything that had to be done. I was completely overwhelmed,” she said. “Thankfully, everything came together and in the mess of everything, the other officers and I became very close. We were able to depend on each other to get everything done. That was the most wonderful experience since beginning college. I have created longtime friends for sure!”

Maria is also passionate about achieving her goals and contributing to her community. “I love to volunteer, and any chance I get to volunteer, I am there! I love to keep myself busy especially doing something that would increase my knowledge. My passion has driven me to success and I am one of the first in my family to attend college and be an honors student.”

For her contributions to NSCS and her local community, Maria is our Scholar of the Week! Congrats!