Hult International Business School, April 2015

As students prepare for final exams, life after university is a distant thought. However, graduation arrives faster than expected, and many graduates feel unprepared to face the sudden reality of life after school. Hult International Business School offers accelerated one-year Master and MBA degree programs during which students can rotate to up to three of Hult’s six global campuses. Therefore, Hult students especially know what’s it’s like to be on a fast-paced track toward a career. We gathered advice from Hult alumni to help prepare you for what’s coming – sooner than you may think.

 Take a breath.

Graduating and immediately feeling pressure to start or find a job can be overwhelming. Hult alumni advise taking some time to regroup, focus on yourself, and identify what you really want moving forward.  Stefano Picker (MBA ’14) shared, “for a few weeks, I slept more than nine hours per night, a luxury I had completely forgotten.” Business school involves long days and a packed schedule, so many students take time to rest or travel between receiving their diplomas and kicking off their next career move.

 Believe in yourself.

Hult alumni advise to be self-aware and confident in your abilities. Kym Pesola (MIM ’14) said that the soft skills she acquired during her time at Hult, such as public speaking, prepared her for any position. Similarly, Stefano Picker commented that his degree gave him the confidence that he could be an effective manager and work with a variety of people. School trains you in more than just the course material, and often what is learned outside of class is even more valuable for employers.

 Don’t rush the job process.

Create a job search action plan, but try not to stress if you don’t land the ideal position right away. It’s often better to wait for a great fit than to accept the first offer that comes along. When looking for opportunities, be sure to utilize your contacts as well as university resources such as the career services center and alumni networks. Kym Pesola was offered her position after six weeks of searching, networking, and interviewing. Everyone’s timeline is different. Finding your next opportunity often just involves connecting with the right person at the right time!

Stay in touch with your classmates.

Alan Newton (EMBA ’14) shared that his greatest shock was the realization that he wouldn’t see his classmates as often – or maybe even ever again. Intensive courses often lead to close relationships, and he made it a priority to keep in touch with as many people as possible. Newton created a Hult London Meet-Up Group, which currently has 200 members, and is actively involved in the Hult Alumni Network. He commented on the importance of these connections saying, “the network has and will continue to be invaluable, with a number of Hult start-ups supporting one another.” Alumni are often like-minded individuals with a shared experience, so they are especially inclined to help one another succeed.

Business school is a whirlwind. But the storm is over quickly, and graduates land in the real world with new skills and connections. The most successful ones learn to use these to their advantage, as shown by Hult alumni. Now that you know what to expect, you can enjoy graduation to the fullest – and look forward to what’s next.

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Stefano Picker is the Director of Product Management at Comcast, a cable network. He is currently living in the Philadelphia area. Stefano graduated from Hult with an MBA degree.

Kym Pesola is a Hult Global Ambassador blogger. She is currently living in San Francisco, California. Kimberly graduated from Hult with an MA in International Marketing.

Alan Newton is the Co-Founder of Eventopedia, an online market place platform for event venues and industry suppliers. He is currently living in London, UK. Alan graduated from Hult with an EMB degree.