Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Kyla Hodges! Kyla is a student at Temple University where she majors in biology.

As a member of NSCS, Kyla’s favorite experience thus far has been the feeling of inspiration within a diverse society. “My favorite NSCS experience was the induction ceremony. Taking a glance around the room that day, I was so glad to see a diverse crowd of families that were supporting the inductees. I felt so proud to receive the NSCS pin and I enjoy being a part of a positive, supportive, and scholarly community,” said Kyla. “Through NSCS, I have been inspired by other goal-driven students.”

Honoring the NSCS pillars of scholarship, leadership and service, Kyla loves giving back to her community by counseling students in need.

“I have a passion for community service. I am a member of Leadership, Education, and Development in Science (LEADS) at Temple University. I, along with other members of this organization, lead science projects for elementary and middle school children at underserved schools in the Philadelphia area,” said Kyla. “Most of the students that we work with are of color. The ultimate goal of our work is to spark, cultivate, or nurture a child’s interests in science. I want to serve as a strong role model for children and teenagers, especially girls, of color.”

For upholding the pillars of scholarship, leadership and service, Kyla is our Scholar of the Week!

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