Meet Kimberly Mueller, our NSCS Scholar of the Week.

Kimberly is majoring in social work at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and has served as chapter president of the UWEC chapter for the past year. She is also pursuing an undergraduate certificate in American Sign Language and Child Welfare.

Kimberly values community service and contributes to the community by working at a local homeless shelter. She also makes involvement in campus life a priority by serving as an NSCS officer. “My favorite NSCS experience was being elected chapter president at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and continuing to serve out that position over the last year,” Kimberly said. “Being an officer of such a prestigious organization has impacted my personal and professional life in such a positive way.” By being involved with NSCS on campus, Kimberly is “dedicated to promoting the three pillars in my own life, as well as instilling them in all our members.”

Congratulations Kimberly! You’re NSCS’ Scholar of the Week!