Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Khai Nguyen! Khai is a sophomore computer science major at Temple University.

As a member of NSCS, Khai values the opportunities provided by the society.  “NSCS showed me how I can integrate my personal interest with the market needs in this fast-changing 21st century after listening to the ScholarCAST webinars presented by Matt Britton and Allen Gannett, and I really much appreciate NSCS for hosting such events.”

Ever the diligent NSCS scholar, Khai is dedicating his summer to research. “I am working in a research lab conducting treadmill experiment with mice, in which the animals will be placed on treadmills and be subjected to a broad range of perturbations,” he said, “Such an experiment will help me to advance my computing skills, and significantly help me to build my background for a research career in neuroengineering.”

For being a dedicated NSCS member, a focused researcher, and a talented computer scientist, Khai is our Scholar of the Week!

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