Meet our newest NSCS Scholar of the Week, Kayla Kirksey! Kayla is a freshman majoring in political science at the University of Houston.

Kayla most enjoys the companionship of like-minded people offered by NSCS. “My favorite part about my NSCS experience so far has been that I’m a part of a group of people who believed in themselves and were able to do great things academically as well,” said Kayla. “During my high school career, the majority of my teachers made it seem as if it would be impossible to make good grades in college because it was ‘too hard’. However, when I saw that my GPA for my first semester of college was a 3.8, I knew then that I had to access what college would be like for myself and not listen to what anyone said.”

Even as a freshman, Kayla is planning for life after college. “I am on the brink of securing a job working at the Harris County Department of Education for the summer. This is a big achievement because it’s dealing with the government and since I’m a political science major I believe working there will allow me to practice some of the things I learned in my political science classes.”

Politics and academia are not Kayla’s only loves, however. In addition to dancing, basketball, reading, and writing, Kayla volunteers at the Houston Food Bank.

For being a bright new NSCS member who is achieving academic excellence as well as being involved in her community as a volunteer with more professional, governmental involvement on the horizon and academic environment, Kayla is our Scholar of the Week! 

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