Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jocelyn Simmons! Jocelyn is a senior at The Florida State University where she is majoring in Communications and Sociology.

Jocelyn’s favorite NSCS experience was attending ScholarCon. “The rich network that was filled with passion and excellent leadership blew me away!” she said. “I was never without a friend or ‘future business partner.’ Everyone I met wanted to make the world a better place – that’s when I knew NSCS would forever be a part of me. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by people ready to be the action to change the world?”

Jocelyn also enjoyed serving as VP of PR & Recruitment for FSU’s chapter. “I was able to reach out to our new members and open a line of communication for them to help plan events they’d love to take part in.”

For her contributions to her community, campus, and NSCS, Jocelyn is our NSCS Scholar of the Week. Congrats!