Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jessica Hollis! Jessica is a student at Grand Canyon University – Online where she majors in elementary education.

As a member of NSCS, Jessica’s favorite experience has been having the opportunity to be recognized by a prestigious honors organization. “Being able to be a part of such a prestigious organization is amazing. Receiving the invitation helped me to see that my hard work and dedication was not unnoticed, and NSCS has helped to give me an extra boost of confidence,” said Jessica. “Many young girls in my community look up to me and are impressed that despite my circumstances, I am still able rise above it all and accomplish great things.”

While honoring the NSCS pillars of scholarship and service, Jessica loves to volunteer, she is a mother, and is also conquering her dreams while working full-time.

“I am single a mother that works full-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant while attending college at Grand Canyon University as a full-time student,” said Jessica, “I am also very involved in my community and I am always looking for opportunities to give back to others, even if it’s just my personal time.”

For upholding the pillars of scholarship and service, Jessica is our Scholar of the Week!

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