Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jean Collins! Jean is a sophomore at The Florida State University where she majors in FSU Teach -environmental science. 

As a member of NSCS, Jean values being involved in NSCS’ events most. “Though I am new to NSCS, it has already provided so much for me as a student. Simply having the honor of saying that I am an NSCS member is wonderful in itself. However, I have also had opportunities to get involved in various activities, such as the Big Event and Relay for Life. Additionally, it provides valuable tips and advice for making the most of my education and how to be successful,” said Jean. “My favorite NSCS experience would be my time at Relay for Life. Knowing I was helping a great organization raise money for an important cause was a wonderful experience.” 

As only a sophomore, Jean has many accomplishments to speak of. “In my Freshman year, I became a Williams Scholar, and through this program’s rigor, I have completed over 100 community service hours in one year. Also, during my first semester (last Fall), I was appointed Historian and Communications Officer for the Red Cross Noles. I will be continuing to be involved in leadership roles next year, as I have been elected as Secretary for We-Teach,” said Jean. “Additionally, after having been named Recycler of the Year for G4, I have been hired as the Garnet and Gold Goes Green Coordinator for FSU’s Sustainable Campus, an experience I am greatly looking forward to.” 

Jean also enjoys being a part of community service activities and much more. “I love community service and have involved myself in it greatly over the years. I’ve won several awards in recognition of my service and I will continue to do service throughout college. Being involved in Garnet and Gold Goes Green, the Environmental Service Program, Plant Club, We-Teach, Phi Eta Sigma and NSCS has given me opportunities to volunteer in a variety of settings,” said Jean.  

“I also love art, whether it is in the form of music, drawing, writing and photography. I have been commissioned for several photography jobs and I am a violin instructor. Additionally, I am also a substitute teacher for grades K-12.” 

For being a dedicated NSCS member and extremely involved within her community and academic environment, Jean is our Scholar of the Week! 

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