Since it’s Thanksgiving season, take a minute to appreciate your favorite teacher or adviser while you apply for a scholarship for yourself. Applications close November 19th!

Write a short essay about anyone employed full-time by a college or university. If your application is selected, you receive a scholarship, and your nominee receives an award from NSCS for being awesome.

Still not sure? Take a look at how Inspire Integrity worked for one of last year’s recipients.

Sarah thought that Dean Bottoms was amazing.



Bette Bottoms

 Dean Bottoms

Sarah applied for the Inspire Integrity Award and made a great case for why Dean Bottoms deserved to be recognized.

Sarah was selected as a recipient. She received a scholarship, and Dean Bottoms received professional development funds.

Find out more about what it takes to be awarded a scholarship and have a box of tissues ready. You might just get misty-eyed thinking about the important people in your life.