Just like your resume, your LinkedIn profile should be updated regularly to reflect new jobs, student organizations, and accomplishments that you may have recently joined or received. LinkedIn is not just for current job seekers; it is a powerful tool to provide you with future networking opportunities, a platform for your job search, and a professional starting point for your personal brand. Use our quick tips to catch future employers’ eyes!

Use a professional picture
First impressions count! You should choose a high-quality and professional photograph that is the best representation of you for your profile image. Be sure to dress in a manner that reflects the industry that you’d like to work in, and choose a background that isn’t too distracting (your LinkedIn is all about you, after all). For more tips and tricks, check out How to Take and Choose a Professional Photo for LinkedIn.

Advertise in your headline
Just like your resume, your LinkedIn is your own personal advertising space. Your headline is one of the first pieces of text that recruiters will read, so make it count. Contrary to popular belief, your headline does not have to be your current job title. Instead, find whatever makes you stand out and use it to personalize your headline. Stuck? Learn about How to Make Your LinkedIn Headline Way More Effective in Under 5 Minutes.

Customize your URL
You want to make your LinkedIn as easy as possible for recruiters to find. To do this, edit your URL by changing the computer-generated jumble of letters and numbers to be just your name (or at least something that is easier to locate). This small step will help your profile to look more professional and will help to establish your personal brand. Need help? Learn How To Create Your Custom LinkedIn Profile URL And How To Use It.

Make your summary stand out
Just like a cover letter, your LinkedIn summary is used to help recruiters and connections learn more about you. Your bio should be more generalized than focused on a specific job and should showcase your passions, personality, and creativity. There is no right way to write a summary, but you should check out The Best LinkedIn Summaries and How to Make Yours Shine.

Be social
LinkedIn is a social media platform after all, right? Engaging with members in and outside of your network will let recruiters know that your profile is not dormant and that you are able to be contacted. Engaging with other users will also help you to find new opportunities in areas that interest you! Not sure where to start? Read these 20 Critical Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn Networking.


Need More Help?
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Author: Rachel Ventresca, NSCS Marketing Intern