Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Hali Motley! Hali is a student at Saginaw Valley State University where she majors in international business.

As a member of NSCS, Hali’s favorite experience thus far has been the numerous amount of service opportunities she has had through her chapter. “I have dozens of awesome memories from NSCS over the years such as donating Jared Boxes to children in the hospital, to making 200 sandwiches to donate to the East Side soup kitchen,” said Hali, “but my overall favorite has been our Annual Nerd Off tournament where teams from all over campus compete to be the nerdiest with us.”

While honoring the NSCS pillars of scholarship and service, Hali also loves to travel abroad.

“I’m passionate about traveling,” said Hali. “I’ve taken five trips to Europe now, which has allowed me to explore 13 different countries, and make hundreds of fun memories. I also just got an approval from work to take a three-week trip to Southeast Asia in May after graduation.”

For upholding the pillars of scholarship and service, Hali is our Scholar of the Week! Good luck with your travels.

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