In what will seem like the blink of an eye, you will suddenly find yourself packing up the past eighteen years of your life to leave for your first year college in a different city. If you’re anything like I was, this will result in a nerve-racking mixture of feelings towards all the changes taking place. On one hand, I was euphorically excited to be done with high school, getting to experience life on my own, meeting new people, exploring a new city, and getting started on a career with classes I would actually like. On the other hand, I was sad about leaving my family and pets, never getting to see my high school class together again, and not getting to spend nearly as much time with my lifelong friends as I had for the past 15 years. All these drastic changes were just as exciting as they were downright scary.

So, as I begin my sophomore year and get back to college for the second time around, I can’t help but reflect on all the misconceptions and assertions of my expectations of college life last summer. First of all, I’m still really glad I’m done with high school; but I’ll admit I do get a little nostalgic about it when I see pictures of my senior year because it was one of the best years of my life and you only get to live it once in your life, which is why everyone should enjoy it as much as they can, while they can. When it comes to living on my own, I absolutely love it, but it can get overwhelming as the first year goes by; nonetheless you get over it and everything works out. Socially, college can get overwhelming as well. Don’t stress out if you don’t find your group of people right away, the friendships you left back home took years to build, it’s no different in college. The bright side is, you do find them eventually if not right away, and you get to live your college experience by their side. Academically, the best policy is to not stress about anything too much. You might not like your classes as much as you thought, or college might be harder than you expected, but as time goes by, you will find classes and fields you like and learn to keep up with the university pace.

In conclusion, college can seem overwhelming in every aspect. Relax! Every freshman is most likely going through the same exact struggle you are. Like with everything in life, as time goes by, you eventually learn to balance your new life and enjoy your four-year ride.

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