Congratulations on your graduation and next adventure. Late nights at the library and 3am pizza delivery may be over (for some), and now it’s time to enter the workforce and join three other generations around the water cooler. For those who are still job seeking, I’d love to provide a few tips and career resources for making the best impression and getting your foot in the door.

Most college students know not to sit in the front row of a lecture if they’re going to sleep through it, and which professors to avoid. And if you didn’t know as a freshman, you probably found out quickly and became an expert by senior year. Applying to jobs and creating an effective application package requires trial & error as well as a time commitment. Here are 4 tips for success in your job search!

  1.  “Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken” –Oscar Wilde. You will not wake up the day after graduation find that your interests or values have changed. As an NSCS member, we know that you are a leader, and that you will bring great ideas and innovation into the workplace. Starting a career may seem intimidating at first, but you are well on your way to creating a positive impact in the workforce.
  2. Volunteering & coursework counts!: Employers value what NSCS members bring to the table because they know that aside from getting good grades, you have invested time and energy into being a community leader and engaging in service. This sets you apart from other job applicants, and you should point this out in your resume and during interviews.
  3. Tailor your resume: Use phrases from the job description and apply them to your resume. Example: if you are applying to an Events Assistant role, make sure you talk about your event planning experience in your resume.
  4. LinkedIn: Create a professional face by creating a LinkedIn account and highlighting your internship and volunteer experience. This should be a condensed resume that highlights experience and skills that you have. Then ask for recommendations from previous internship supervisors or your Member Engagement Manager. Recruiters will research you online, so make sure your privacy settings on other social media accounts are on.
  5. Invisible jobs are out there! Many positions are never posted and they are only found through networking and informational interviews. This means that you need to turn your laptop off, and attend networking events. Check out industry associations, your campus alumni and NSCS Careers for events in your area. Be sure to stay in touch with the people you meet.

NSCS Careers is a lifetime benefit, and I would like to invite you to check out for resources include the member-only job board Job hunting doesn’t end after you land your first role, and we hope to support you throughout your career.

By Jessica Gershuny