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Spring Break    OR  finals…that means it’s time for the Spring Survival Guide. Whether you’re gearing up for an awesome, much needed break or you’re trying to crawl through finals, we have your back. Here’s some ways to get through!

Notes from the year have your eyes bluring? These apps WILL help you study (& at the very least give you a distraction)! (via)


spring break
Your NSCS membership gets you AWESOME travel benefits. Book a hotel! Rent a car & hit the road! Check in before you click ‘BOOK!’


SLEEP! Trust us (& TIME Magazine) when we say, once you’re on cup of coffee #5, you’re brain needs a break. Here’s 5 other great tips to stay sane & healthy during finals. (via)


spring breakDon’t forget a single essential-or get sucked into paying double at the beach for what it costs on campus. HerCampus has a sample list that covers the packing bases.


finalsspring breakBe good to yourself this finals/fun season, scholars! Our friends at Chobani have the easiest ways to burn 100 calories, something we know can kick-up a study break & help get you going after a day of laying out on the beach.


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