Trivia time! What do Senator John McCain, former U.S. Ambassador Dr. Robin Renee Sanders, and President Jimmy Carter have in common?

They’re all Distinguished Honorary Members of NSCS! Pretty cool, right?

This spring you’ll probably hear a lot about Distinguished Honorary Members, or, DHMs. But what does it mean? A DHM is someone who is a pivotal figure for your NSCS chapter– someone who has made a difference in the lives of students, the community, and your campus as a whole.

The ideal DHM will embody the pillars of NSCS: Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Can you think of a person who fits that description? If so, they would be a perfect DHM nominee!

NSCS honors DHMs in the same way that universities award honorary doctorates to distinguished individuals. That means DHMs receive a certificate of recognition, and many of them attend the New Member Induction Ceremony where they are honored and recognized by the chapter for the positive impact they’ve made in their communities.

People who should not be nominated for Distinguished Honorary Membership:

  • Your little sister (Yes, people have tried this)
  • Anyone who is already an NSCS member
  • Your fraternity brother (Just don’t)
  • Anyone who is an NSCS Alum

Pretty straightforward, right? So if you’re an officer in your NSCS chapter, get nominating! The deadline for nominations is July 1st.  You’ll receive an email today (Monday) with instructions on how to nominate. If your DHM nominee accepts, they will be invited to attend and speak at your New Member Induction Ceremony this fall.

And if you’re a general member, bask in the glory of whoever your chapter nominates! Distinguished Honorary Members showcase the values and aspirations that your chapter and university hold. You can view a list of our current Distinguished Honorary Members here.