Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Deshilia Randall! Deshilia is a student at University of Phoenix where she is on track to receiving a BSN in nursing.

As a member of NSCS, Deshilia’s favorite experience has been giving back to the community through NSCS. “My experience with NSCS has very memorable. I was excited to receive the invitation to be a part of this prestigious honor society. I was told by my university that the top 20 percent of freshman and sophomore students are chosen to join. I like that NSCS provides opportunities for members to connect with each other and to be a part of something greater, not only academically, but in other ways as well,” said Deshilia. “One of NSCS’s pillars is about being involved in the community, which matches up to my life’s mission. I am involved in my community where I live, and I will continue to be involved even after graduation. NSCS gives me the opportunity to be involved in the community on larger scale, which can help me make an impact for a lifetime.”

While honoring the NSCS pillars of scholarship and service, Deshilia also loves to volunteer, travel and make her own crafts.

“I love to help to others, which is why I chose to be a nurse. As I am approaching to an advanced degree in nursing, I find that it is helpful to start connecting with other members and peers in my field. On my downtime, I love to create things,” said Deshilia, “I sew and make accessories. I also love to travel and have been really humble to have traveled to different parts of the world where I’ve found beauty in each place that I have gone to.”

For upholding the pillars of scholarship and service, Deshilia is our Scholar of the Week!

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