Deja ClementMeet Deja Clement from West Virginia University, our NSCS Scholar of the Week!

Deja majors in Psychology at West Virginia University. She joined NSCS in 2015 and is currently one of WVU’s chapter officers, serving as VP, Public Relations for the past year.

Deja is also an Amazon Brand Ambassador for West Virginia University. She found this opportunity through networking with other NSCS members, and says that the opportunity to work for Amazon “has been an amazing experience and has helped me develop a lot of useful skills like marketing and public relations. Not to mention I have met so many creative and outgoing people through this job!”

When asked about what her favorite NSCS experience has been, Deja talked about her Induction. “It was awesome getting to see how big our chapter was and how many people were being added to our organization,” she said. “During the Induction Ceremony, I gained a major sense of pride and accomplishment since I knew that I was officially becoming a part of an organization that not only supported my academic and career goals but also provided me with a surplus of opportunities to accomplish those goals.”

Deja also notes that NSCS has helped her find her place at college. “When going to a big school like West Virginia University, it can be easy to feel like you’re getting lost in the crowd but being a part of NSCS gives you that unique edge among your peers. It’s also nice having such a supportive community of friends and scholars.”

Congratulations Deja, on being the NSCS Scholar of the Week!