Going away to college can be an exciting experience. For many students, this is their first opportunity to be on their own, their first chance to be responsible for their own finances and their first opportunity to make adult decisions. Yet, many students, especially those who have traveled a considerable distance for college, also face moments of homesickness, sometimes even after they’ve been at college for a year or two. Luckily, there are at least three things you can do to battle homesickness.

Get Involved

Let’s face it. If you are lying around your room sad about missing your family and friends or even your favorite hangout, you will miss home more. Plus, the more you mope around your room, the less you are going to enjoy your college experience. Instead, get involved. Join a club. Volunteer. Meet some new people. Do something to get your mind off missing home. The more you come to love your college community, the less you will miss home.

Bring a Bit of “Home” With You

This could be a simple as putting up a few pictures of your family and friends around your room. It could mean having your parents send you your favorite stuffed animal or bringing other familiar items from home. Maybe, you’ll even want to ask your mom to write down a few of your favorite recipes, which you can then make for yourself and your roommates.

Stay Connected (But Not Too Connected)

It is important to stay connected to your family and friends while you are away at college. Call or text them regularly. Video chat with them. Stay connected through social media. Just be cautious of spending too much time focused on your family and friends who are far away. If you are too focused on staying connected with people back home, you may find yourself missing them even more or missing out on the opportunity to build local friendships.

Homesickness is a real issue that many college students face. There is no shame in admitting that you miss home. Yet, part of growing up is becoming independent and making your own way in life. By getting involved, bring a bit of home with you, and staying connected to your family and friends, you will likely find yourself loving your college experience before too long.