Technology has changed the way professionals connect with each other. It has made networking much easier. In addition, there are many benefits to maintaining an interactive online network. Converting online connections to real-life connections is where that value can be realized consistently. You might have a huge online network, but not every one of them is going to convert into meaningful, long-term relationships. Having a supportive and ambitious network can not only elevate your career success, but it can also have a positive impact on your personal and social life. Here are several ways to follow-up and turn your online connections into significant, valuable business relationships in the future.


Know the Type of Growth You Want

Focusing on quality instead of quantity is very important when it comes to building connections. Having a large number of people in your network is fine, but building a significant and meaningful relationship with every one of them is highly unlikely. As you consider reaching out to networks, curate and identify the ones that you believe you can really build a strong relationship with. Every relationship holds a different weight, which is why you should be aware of keeping those relationships that will deliver both personal and professional value to your life.


Assume Your Natural Personality

 Many people like interacting with someone who is similar to themselves. Individuals who are not perfect social media and professional figures all the time allow their surrounding networks to be more comfortable. In order to maintain and establish solid relationships, it is important to be yourself and not assume any other identity or personality. When other people feel comfortable and natural being around you, then you can find it easier to establish a valuable relationship with them.


Prioritize Face-to-Face Interactions

Live gatherings and events are a great way to convert online connections into significant relationships. If you are within a local distance of a network or colleague you met online, you can invite them for coffee and connect with them intellectually. In addition, scheduling a meeting at your office or public area can be seen as a warmer and inviting gesture instead of limiting conversations to texts or calls.


Use Tech-Based Solutions

 Technology has enabled so many social media platforms to help you connect professionals together. Software such as Zoom is known to host great virtual coffee dates and Voxer allows you to send gifts and voice messages to enhance your connections. These platforms are great tools in initiating conversations and engaging with the right people in your network.


With technology changing the dynamics in how business professionals meet, it is important to have the skills necessary to build valuable, long-term relationships. Resources such as conferencing software and video calls can be used to help you solidify the connections you initially built online. In addition, make an effort to prioritize face-to-face meetings, identify your goals for networking, and simply be your natural self. By fulfilling these roles and steps, you can naturally cultivate strong, genuine, and valuable relationships from your online connections.