This winter is one of the coldest on record…but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it to class today (unless, of course, your college campus is closed due to the extreme conditions). But if you are forced to stay home, don’t fret! You can still learn something new today. Why not learn how to keep warmer the next time you do have class?

Really, it comes down to maintaining two things: your inside and your outside. Here, in order of priority, are 7 tips on keeping warm and safe this semester.


Keeping Warm On The Inside: Nourishment

1. It may sound counterintuitive, but be sure to drink lots of water, as water retains heat. And it’s fine to keep a water bottle in your backpack, but only if you use mittens or gloves when handling the bottle outdoors.

2. And don’t let yourself get hungry! Eat well prior to going outside, since keeping your core temperature up reduces the risk of frostbite. Your body temperature only has to drop 1.6 degrees for you to become hypothermic, so eat up to get your digestive system going! And oh yeah, a jacket also helps, which brings us to:


Keeping Warm On The Outside: Lip Balm And Layering

3. Invest in a puffy jacket. Again, less than two degrees separate you from hypothermia.

4. Nevertheless, several light and comfortably fitted layers are preferable to a single heavy layer. Generally an outer, mid, and under layer suffice. And remember: two pairs of socks are more comfortable than one thick pair.

5. Wear a warm hat, as studies indicate that heat escapes mostly from the head (weird, huh).

6. Look out for puddles to avoid letting clothing get wet (and while down provides maximum warmth at minimum weight, wool has the important advantage of retaining its warmth even when wet).  Apply lip balm, and repeat.

7. Lastly, be sure to mind your feet and toes! Remember: mittens are better than gloves, as your fingers touch one another and retain heat, and mountaineerings boots are the most affordable and effective option for us college students.


It’s that simple! Follow those 7 easy tips to stay warm and safe this semester. It all comes down to common sense and thinking about the future, which is what us college students are all about! All you have to do is remember to eat, drink, and maintain a protective shell of clothing when outdoors. And if you’re having a hard time keeping motivated when it comes to keeping warm, keep in mind that once you do get to class you’ll be expected to use a computer…

…and frostbite would make typing a bit difficult.