Our society is full of followers but very few leaders. Everyone was born with a potential to become a leader, but unfortunately, many pass through life without reaching their full potential. Throughout their lives, these people were followers that never intended to follow their passion. However, throughout the history of man, some have stepped up, leaving legacies and becoming prosperous men and women. They came from different cultures around the world. They were simple and ordinary people who made the decision to make a difference and impact the world. Leaders are common people placed in extraordinary circumstances that encourage them to develop their potential..

Potential means unexposed ability, undiscovered strength, undiscovered abilities and untapped power. Potential is what we are able to do, but have yet done. It’s who we can become, but have yet to be. It is being able to go far, though we have not arrived at that point yet. There are many potential leaders, especially college students at schools across the country that are in this situation.

To develop your potential, you must first know your passion. You must investigate your passion by trying new classes, new organizations, new trips, new friends, and new events! Second, you should always have a mentor. We need men and women to be our mentors and to help us develop our potential. Finally, you must cultivate your potential.  It is essential for us collegiate scholars to make the decisions to grow. Our potential will never surface until we make the commitment in our minds, plans, and dreams, and then, place them in action. We should work or cultivate our potential by seeking the right people, with positive attitudes, that can encourage us and help us succeed.

Famous people who found their hidden potential:

Thomas Edison: He was described by a teacher as a “rotten” person, infantile, and a slow learner His own father came vey close to convincing him that he was stupid. Today, thanks to his inventions and influence of past discoveries, we enjoy the benefits of the light bulb and electricity distribution.

Albert Einstein: His parents feared he was stupid. He did poorly in high school to such an extent that his teacher suggested it was better for him to drop out. The teacher said to him: “ Einstein, you will never accomplish anything in life.” However, as we know, he developed the theory of Special and General relativity.

Walt Disney: He tried seeking employment at a newspaper company, but was told he couldn’t draw and that it would be best for him to seek work elsewhere.


Kenneth E. Rosario-Gonzalez is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. When he was 9 years of age, his family decided to move to Tampa, Florida. Currently, he attends the University of South Florida (USF, Go Bulls!), and is studying Industrial engineering. He is passionate about leading projects that have to do with developing products to be more efficient. Kenneth believes that the best part about NSCS is the opportunity for growth and for innovation. This is not an Honor society like others that are stuck in tradition and have no room for change, but NSCS is the opposite. Kenneth knows that with NSCS and his experience on the National Leadership Council (NLC), his skills to develop ideas will help him become an efficient Industrial Engineer.