FRIDAY! Scholars, it’s Friday. As always, we hope you’re having an excellent week. We’ve had a great time here in DC, with a ton of travel by our Regional Representatives & some really cool city sites (the pope is coming & it’s #ParkingDay today, as you can see above!). Here’s our weekly round-up of internet cool:

Induction-Duction, What’s your Function?
Induction is not only a time we welcome new NSCS members into the chapter, it’s an opportunity for a scholarship! Click here to make sure you attend your ceremony, scholars. You won’t want to miss out!

The UN
“The UN isn’t going to solve global poverty if no one understands what they’re talking about.” Pointed piece…what do you think of the re-brand, scholars?

She’s the world’s youngest billionaire
Unavoidable Steve Jobs comparison aside, still a wild, innovative ride.

Andrew is this week’s Regional Rep!
Andrew is taking OVER the NSCS instagram, starting Sunday. Follow his adventures (& feel free to say hello!)