FRIDAY! We hope this week was great for you, as always. On our end, we have a cheat-sheet-before-the-cheat-sheet for you on all the NSCS activities for November here .  Feeling a little Chandler Bing lately? Fear not-ScholarCon is COMING!!!! (sign up so you dont miss a moment)!!!!!!!!! And now for your weekend & the internet roundup, the cheat sheet!

I want to ask you…
When someone asks you for a reference.

Get involved in this month’s service project (it couldn’t be easier!)

Tis’ the Season!
Of showing up to work or class with a cold (or to know that at least someone will).

But really
Why do we get goosebumps?

Career Advice from a Hostage Negotiator 
How to ask from a raise (from a guy who is great at the ask)