Hope you had a great week celebrating the Fourth of July. We are right in the middle of summer and if you are stressing about the school year already (or anything today)… STOP. Breath. Live in this moment.

Here’s what we found interesting this week:

Tatooine IRL
Hot? Imagine if you lived on this newly discovered planet that has 3 suns?!

National Chocolate with Almonds Day
What aids in weight-loss, lowers rise in blood sugar, and helps build healthy bones and teeth? Almonds. Pair them with CHOCOLATE. You have a good reason to. Let’s celebrate National Chocolate with Almonds Day with this yummy recipe.

Let Freedom Ring
On this day in 1776, the Liberty Bell rang to announce the reading of the Declaration of Independence. Everyone within an earshot came out to hear the Declaration of Independence read.

Going Up?
Sometimes, alligators like to climb trees. Make sure you look out before you go tree climbing this weekend!