Happy Friday Scholars! The summer is well underway and we are having to get creative to beat the heat here in DC! Around this time of year, happiness means a cool breeze or a nice mist from the sprinklers! Here’s what we liked this week as we dodged the heat!

Changing the world one tweet at a time
Ever wonder how social media is affecting local businesses? One writer goes into detail on the increasingly social aspect of dining out.

Free Ride!
With global warming on the rise, innovators are getting creative about clean energy.

For those of you feeling overwhelmed during these muggy summer months, take a few minutes to learn how to meditate on the go!

Summer Brain
Looking to expand your cognitive abilities? Read this article to find out how to keep your brain active and healthy.

$ummer Dollar$
Summer is flying by fast, so be sure to participate in the #S2 Challenge on Facebook and apply for the $2500 Scholarship! The deadline is August 13th!