Happy Friday Scholars! The summer is finally in full swing and we are really enjoing the amazing responses to the Summer Success (#S2) Challenge weekly questions. As we continue on the theme of Ingerity, think through the promises that you are making now – and the ones you have made in the past. If you haven’t been able to keep them, think about being more selective in offering. You want to be known as a reliable source!

Here’s what we found intersting this week:

The REAL Real World
“Are you ready for the real world?” is probably the number one question that makes recent grads cringe. Read about why you shouldn’t be so afraid of the “real world”.

Insights into Entrepreneurship
Whether you are into jewelry or not, accessory company BaubleBar’s co-founders give some interesting insight on starting your own business and learning to rely on friends and community for help.

#SUMMERBOD for Your Money
We’ve all had that year in school where we spend a little bit (or a lot, let’s be honest) more money than we intended at the start of the year. Summer is the perfect time to get your finances back in order and to start budgeting using this really great budget template!

Ready, Set, Oh?
Are you the Sprinter, the Wanderer, or the Straggler? This article tells the story of three individuals as they started (or attempted to start) their careers in three completely different ways.

NSCS #S2 Challenge
Have you answered this week’s #S2Challenge question yet??? If not, head over to our Facebook page and get typing. The deadline is Today at 11:59 PM ET.