Happy Friday Scholars! This week is about getting motivated and focused on our goals, with insight into how to have the most successful sophomore year yet while also living with integrity and learning some tips on how to get more productive.

Here’s what we learned!:

Get your reading glasses ready!
Have some down time this summer? Take a look at these top books from colleges’ 2016 summer reading lists.

So, you’re no longer a freshman, eh?
Congratulations! But don’t celebrate too hard – your sophomore year is the prime time to get focused and organized!

“Why should we hire you?”
Here are three ways to answer one of the more difficult questions you might get asked during an interview.

The secrets to productivity?
Do you ever wonder how super successful people get, well…super successful? Here are 14 ways that billionaires and Olympians alike stay motivated and productive.

Calling all graduates!
Our Debt Reduction Award is closing soon. The deadline is June 23rd, so get typing!!